About the Company

About the Company

We’re storytellers at heart

For us it's all about skillfully telling the story, creating final presentations that ring with sincerity, visually entice, and ultimately connect and impact.  Our background is in film traditions; emphasizing story, a cinematic approach to imagery, attention to emotional appeal while favoring a documentary “real people” approach that allows people to speak for themselves.

It's not the equipment - it's knowing what to do with it.

We're team players

We come ready to hit the ground running. We're there to bring another dimension of thinking to your team, to work with you, not “at” you.  And when we combine our expertise and creative experience with your insight and knowledge, we arrive at more than pretty pictures to ooh and aaah over, we arrive at meaningful results that often exceed expectations.

Our customer-focused approach allows for pleasurable and productive relationships to be formed. Just ask our return clients.

Challenge us!

We are the ones to come to when you are trying to figure out what you need.  We do more than just 'shoot it'.  Conceptualizing and arriving at creative solutions is our strength.  Years of production experience, from New York to Los Angeles, means that we not only know what to do with challenges, we welcome them with the energy and know-how that it takes to arrive at exciting solutions.

Creative solutions - it's what we do!

Christie Cullen
WOW, am I impressed!! Can't tell you how strong the reviews have been, how much people have raved when they've seen it. You guys are the best! Congrats on “wow”-ing some tough critics! BRILLIANT JOB, I cannot thank you enough!!
Director of Global Marketing
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