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Commitment to Changing Lives


Blackbird continues it's production support to the Giorgio Foundation, where 100% of money raised goes to the research to end NF1.  Our fundraising video was recently presented at gatherings in New York and Pennsylvania, helping to raise money and awareness for the groundbreaking research the Giorgio Foundation is enabling, providing hope for so many people throughout the world.  As the Giorgio Foundation states time and time again, "No child should fear their future".

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Promoting an Engaging Book Series


Blackbird was asked to produce a video to promote TC Joseph's This Generation Series.  The series, a gripping sci-fi theological adventure, is a fun read by a quickly rising author, and it allowed us to have a great time with the visual imagery!

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Car Fun for a Good Cause


Blackbird is currently in the process of filming a new promotional/fundraising video for Centre County's Youth Service Bureau.  The Last Cruise in State College, a great fundraiser for YSB, afforded us a fun afternoon of appreciating some beautiful cars and motorcycles through our lens!

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A Delicious Thank You!


A much appreciated, and tasty, thank you from our friend Lydia Myers at Pick 'Em Up Productions!  The cookies are made by Anne Yorks at Flour Box Bakery, and they're almost too pretty to eat.  Almost.  Thank you, Lydia!

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Piggers Take Flight to Spread Holiday Cheer!


Blackbird had a romping good time using greenscreen while working with Piggers (New Pig employees) to create their annual Christmas video!  The sleigh was made from New Pig products and took flight over the Golden Gate Bridge & Big Ben (among other places) to deliver Christmas cheer.  Hard to keep a straight face when 'Waterman' gets nailed in the forehead during a snow ball fight! 

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New Documentary in the Making!


Blackbird Media Group is currently producing a documentary that shares Craig Washka's story as he lives an enlightened and inspiring life while faced with the daily challenges of MS.  This is a brief segment from the ongoing production.

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Christie Cullen
WOW, am I impressed!! Can't tell you how strong the reviews have been, how much people have raved when they've seen it. You guys are the best! Congrats on “wow”-ing some tough critics! BRILLIANT JOB, I cannot thank you enough!!
Director of Global Marketing
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