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Piggers Take Flight to Spread Holiday Cheer!


Blackbird had a romping good time using greenscreen while working with Piggers (New Pig employees) to create their annual Christmas video!  The sleigh was made from New Pig products and took flight over the Golden Gate Bridge & Big Ben (among other places) to deliver Christmas cheer.  Hard to keep a straight face when 'Waterman' gets nailed in the forehead during a snow ball fight! 

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New Documentary in the Making!


Blackbird Media Group is currently producing a documentary that shares Craig Washka's story as he lives an enlightened and inspiring life while faced with the daily challenges of MS.  This is a brief segment from the ongoing production.

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Kristen Kavanaugh
Mike and the Blackbird team have exceeded our expectations in every way. What sets them apart is their ability to put our subjects at ease, and connect with them in conversation, rather than a cold or formal interview. The result never fails to be genuine and heartfelt. Blackbird has a unique storytelling ability, and coupled with flawless technical execution, creates a remarkable end product every time.
e-communications/marketing coordinator
College of the Liberal Arts, The Pennsylvania State University