creative process

Our Creative Process

From the first phone call to the final delivery of your video productions, we work WITH you. We listen, we communicate, and we welcome your input every step of the way. The only surprise you should experience is how easy and enjoyable we make the process for you.


Getting Started

Tell customers more about you. Add a few words and a stunning pic to grab their attention and get them to click.

This space is ideal for writing a detailed description of your business and the types of services that you provide. Talk about your team and your areas of expertise. 

getting started on a project
blackbird media on location


Capturing those insightful interviews, engaging images, telling moments or any other aspect of your visual story is what we love to do. Being storytellers at heart, we go after those production elements that shine the best and most intriguing light on who you are and what you have to say, while keeping in mind who you need to connect with.


Post Production

All those captured images, sounds, and words come together in the editing. It’s not just assembly, but another level of creative construction that completes your project in a dynamic way. We share a rough cut of the production with you so that we ensure the final product meets your needs and goals.

post production